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Bridge Over a Lake


I see a world where women are catalysts for change, women who truly know themselves, confident women who believe in themselves.

I see women drawing strength from within, intentionally living out their self-identified purpose, knowing they will make a difference. 

-Judy Hamilton


Karin - Blaxland

Judy's care and genuine commitment in helping me find myself and my way has been extraordinary. She has picked me up from a place of depletion and walked gently by my side to now - my place of confidence, understanding and purpose.  I can't recommend Judy enough to anyone struggling to find a way forward in their life.


Diane - Penrith

I began coaching sessions with Judy feeling lost, sad and unworthy. Judy helped me to look deep inside myself and gave me the tools to begin to transform my life, to be more confident, to believe in myself and to discover the real me. Thank you so much Judy for the service you offer, I deeply value the time we spent together and the guidance you gave me.


Andrea - Kurrajong

Judy has helped me look at myself and my circumstances in a new, positive light and has given me useful and informative tools, a practical framework and coping mechanisms to improve my life. Thank you.


Jenni  - Winmalee

I had given up. I'd decided that I would never have a creative career and that I would stop chasing it.

Then I had a short call with Judy. In just that short call she gave me some clarity over a behaviour I had repeated again and again which was not helping me get where I wanted to be. We've been working together for a few years now and I've gone from giving up to working in an amazing company where my creative needs aren't just met - they are growing.

Sure, there have been hiccups and challenges along the way. Judy continues to assist me in pulling apart the challenges and creating action plans to jump over the hurdles.

The thing that sets Judy apart is that she doesn't just listen, she assists me in creating actions that result in real change.

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