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Discover the Real You

Life coaching leads you on a journey where YOU are the destination.

Live your life with purpose, connect deeply in relationships, build a satisfying career, reach goals and create the life you want.

Judy Hamilton

When you discover the real you, that's when everything starts to make sense and fall into place.

Together, we will create a clear roadmap to move you from 'stuck' or 'lost' to a place of momentum and freedom.

What is life coaching?

Life Coaching helps you to:

  • Get unstuck in life

  • Discover your full potential

  • Get clarity & live with purpose

  • Build self-confidence

  • Deepen relationships

A life coach is trained to uncover what you need in order to move forward in life. They are like a supportive friend, mentor and guide all rolled into one. They’re someone who will challenge you, hold you accountable and be a cheerleader on your journey to discovering the real you and creating the life you want.

How does life coaching work? 

Know who you are

During our sessions, I will lead you through a process of discovering your true self and getting clear on what is deeply important to you.


Know where you want to go

We will unpack your current situation, identifying the challenges, obstacles and limiting beliefs that are stopping you from moving forward.

Know how to get there

Together, we will develop clear goals, a roadmap and specific actions that will move you from ‘stuck’ or 'lost' to a place of momentum and freedom, with the objective of reaching your goals and living your best life.

If this sounds like what you need, book in a free clarity call and I will explain more about how life coaching can work for you. 

Get started on your life coaching journey

You might be feeling lost, dissatisfied, doubting yourself or going through significant change. You might be looking for purpose or direction, or maybe you just want to feel free to be yourself ... the real you.


Wherever you are in life, I will help you get started on your journey to discovering the real you and creating the life you want. Let's start with a chat.

Denise Hicks, IT Business Partner, Woolworths Ltd


Working with Judy & her inspiring coaching talent has truly changed my life. Although Judy has only been my life coach for a few months, the rapport & trust we have built is strong. Judy has guided me in understanding who I am, including knowing my strengths, my values & my purpose. She constantly inspires me with her insights, perspectives and advice. 

You can see how much Judy cares by the level of engagement she shows in each session. Judy is always challenging me to dig deeper, which can be tough at times, but she does it with full encouragement and support. 

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